NDIToolbox (Linux)

NDIToolbox is an extensible signal and image processing application I wrote to assist with the analysis of complex NDI data.


  • Plot and preview NDE data files – A, B, and C scan presentations
  • Some basic data manipulation routines (more added all the time)
  • Uses the open source Hierarchical Data Format (http://www.hdfgroup.org/HDF5/) for data files – access your data from any number of other tools including Java, MATLAB, IDL, and C/C++
  • Generate thumbnails of data files – makes it easier to browse through reams of data
  • Extensible with plugins – write your own NDI analysis scripts without worrying about creating a user interface
  • Import data from commercial NDE systems
  • Import basic DICOM / DICONDE (http://www.astm.org/COMMIT/DICONDE_Information.htm) data files
  • Import images as data (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, EPS, etc.); export plots as PNG, EPS, PDF, etc.
  • Import delimited ASCII data files; export data from other formats to ASCII
  • Probability Of Detection (POD) Toolkit – create, edit and run POD (http://www.asnt.org/publications/materialseval/basics/jan98basics/jan98basics.htm) models of NDI measurements


NDIToolbox (Windows)